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ARGO Capital Advisors is a New York-based firm providing investment banking and strategic advisory services. We provide guidance and support to entrepreneurs and companies across a wide range of industries, including but not limited to Consumer, Industrials, Logistics, Distribution, Business Services, Transportation & Maritime, Software & Tech-enabled Services, Fintech, and Cannabis. ARGO helps companies launch, establish and develop themselves into successful and mature operations as well as guide the entrepreneurs through capital raises, funding rounds, recapitalizations, sales, or acquisition financing transactions. Our traditional client is not a large and well-established corporation; it is a private company, most likely founder-owned and operated, without a corporate development team or an extensive board of directors. Our job is to provide you with the necessary tools and guidance so you can avoid the common pitfalls when raising capital or structuring deals with a more sophisticated counterparty. Raising capital can be a daunting process, and even outright painful, if not done right. Our deep understanding of the industry, coupled with extensive relationships and years of investment banking experience allows us to position your business in a way that is attractive and familiar to equity partners and lenders alike. ARGO has also been heavily involved in secondary pre-IPO trades where we broker sales of private securities between funds, family offices, and asset managers that want liquidity while at the same time providing our investors access to attractive investment opportunities in hard-to-get, institutionally-backed companies with eventual exits via an IPO or a de-SPAC.


ARGO places tremendous focus on building relationships, which helps us cut through the noise, and match capital providers with respective opportunities, specific to the needs of our clients. We have built a trusted network of family offices, high net worth individuals, private equity and venture capital firms, hedge funds, strategic buyers, with a varied and diverse investment and acquisition criteria. We do not blast your deal to investors, but rather take on a more thoughtful, strategic and tailored approach when introducing capital sources to our clients.

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