ARGO places tremendous focus on building relationships, which helps us cut through the noise, and match capital providers with respective opportunities, specific to the needs of our clients. We have built a trusted network of family offices, high net worth individuals, private equity and venture capital firms, hedge funds, strategic buyers, MSOs and LPs, with a varied and diverse investment and acquisition criteria. We do not blast your deal to investors, but rather take on a more thoughtful, strategic and tailored approach when introducing capital sources to our clients.

Despite tremendous progress toward adult-use and medical legalization at the state level, cannabis’ legal status at the federal level, automatically disqualifies a significant portion of traditional capital sources. However, having done extensive due diligence on the market and the investor base, ARGO’s pre-screened network of equity and debt investors fully understand the risks and opportunities that come with investing in this sector, and are always on the lookout for the next greatest and latest opportunity to invest in or acquire.


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